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Min. Felicia Armbrister


Minister Felicia Armbrister has been a member of Second Sweet Home Baptist church since her childhood.  She accepted her call to preach and was licensed in May 2009.


She cherishes the awesome responsibility God has given her to teach, encourage, and inspire others towards greatness and excellence.  Her love for the people motivates her as she serves as the Education Coordinator.  She was a teacher for the New Membership ministry for seven years and now oversees the Children's Church Ministry as well as Adult Sunday School Ministry. 


Minister Felicia Armbrister is fully committed in fulfilling the Great Commission to make disciples of all men, baptizing and teaching them to observe all that Christ had commanded (Matthew 28:18-20).  Through the Great Commission is where she gleans her authority to share the Good News with everyone she meets.  As a wife and mother, she is very grateful to God for the gift of her family.  She is married to Minister Gerald Armbrister and together they have four children.




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