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Our Pastor

Pastor Joseph Long was born in Detroit, MI and was raised in a home influenced by strong Christian values instilled by his father, the late Reverend Joe Henry, and his mother Ruth Inez Long. He is the eldest son of eight siblings. 

His ministry began at the age of 17 years old, where he was trained under the leadership of Pastor James Clanton and various mentors until he took his current position as Pastor of Second Sweet Home Baptist Church in 2000.

Under the leadership of Pastor Long, the Second Sweet Home Baptist Church grew from a store-front Church servicing a few dozen members to a thriving Ministry that has moved to a third location due the need to have more room for Worship. 


Pastor Long has laid a solid foundation of Ministry based upon the principle of ensuring that the Word of God is accessible to all that wish to receive it. There have been over 30 Ministries birthed through the Vision given to Pastor Long.


Co-Pastor Linda Long was born in Pell City, Alabama to the late Dottis & Artanza Fomby. She is the second oldest girl of 13 siblings. She brings strong southern values and morals to the Second Sweet Home ministry.


Pastors Joseph & Linda Long have two children, Monique (Ricardo II) and Jevon, as well as three adorable grandchildren, Ricardo III, Jordan, and Madison, whom they cherish and adore. 


Pastors Joseph & Linda Long have a lot of things in common. Their love for God and each other is apparent in everything they do. They are always willing to lend a helping hand and minister to anyone in need. Their doors are always open.

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