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About Our Church


Vision, Purpose, Mission, and Hope

It is our desire that the information contained within these pages are a benefit to everyone that may be interested in learning more about the fundamental beliefs of ministry at Second Sweet Home Church.


Our Vision

To see every person of every of every age, engaged in all out worship to God, experiencing what it means to be fully known and fully loved by God and by their Brothers and Sisters in Christ, while growing in the context of an authentic Godly community, and influencing the outside community for the Kingdom of God.


Our Purpose

To provide people with opportunities and experiences to rebuild lives, redeem souls, and reshape communities through the Word of God, reproducing leaders for the Kingdom of God, so that the Gospel might reach everyone in the World.


Our Mission

To evangelize to the lost and disciple every man and women, boy and girl, that they might grow to maturity in Christ, to be released by the Spirit of God to use their gifts and abilities to impact their world for the Kingdom of God, while connecting people to Christ, His cause, and the Christian community through the 7Gs (God, growth, grace, gifts, giving, groups and going).


Our Hope

That every person be fully engaged in growing, giving, using their gifts, experiencing and dispensing grace, pursing intimacy with God, maturing in groups and going out to extend compassion to the lost, which in short, we desire for all people to operate in their God-given purpose

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